What are the procedures and requirements to get work permit in Vietnam?

A work permit is required when working in Vietnam for more than three months. This should ideally be applied 40 days by the employer with the Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Department before the foreign worker starts to work.

Currently, work permits for foreigners in Vietnam are valid for a maximum of three years and are not renewable. A new application must be made if the company plans to keep employing the foreign worker.

A Regular Dossier Includes

  • Request for work permit form
  • Health check certification
  • Criminal records (issued within 180 days), if applicants have been stayed more than 6
    months in Vietnam, applicant have to provide both Vietnamese criminal records and the
    criminal record from their home countries.
  • Degree (bachelor or higher)
  • Working experience confirmation document from former employers
  • Passports (Copy)
  • Approval document from Committee wich allow employer to use Foreign workers
  • Employer’s Business certification
  • Passport size photos (x2)


Processing time : Up to 40 working days after receipt a valid application.

Validity conditions : At least 18 years of age; apply for a position like manager, executive director or expert with technical skills and knowledge necessary for the job; and not currently subject to criminal prosecution in Vietnam or overseas.

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