If you still want to stay in this beautiful country and you want renew your Vietnam visa in a cheap way, you need to perform something that is commonly referred to as a “border run”, since it requires you to leave the country and re-enter it.

For us in Saigon the closest border is at Moc Bai, where you cross to Cambodia and return instantly. If you decide to do a border run, you can choose to get your new visa approbation letter from Izyviet or obtain the actual visa from the embassy (you have to travel till Phnom Penh).

You will go by our private mini-van (currently doing only in Thursday and Sunday), the total duration trip is around 7-8 hours.

What do you need to bring at the day trip?

  • Your passport
  • 2 pictures

Documents required

  • Fees for Visa Cambodia
  • form to fill out (Cambodia)
  • Fees for Vietnam visa
  • 2 ID pictures
  • Completed and signed form (Vietnam)
  • Original invitation letter (we provide it)

Here is the itinerary

  • Meeting at 7am in District 1

  • Departure at 7:30am

  • Drink and snacks during the outbound trip

  • Visa run with our expert assistant, we do everything for you fill out paper and deal with immigration officers.

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    When its finish you will have a lunch paid by our company

  • Then come back to Sài Gòn around 3-4pm. Well done, now you can back to your home with a new visa!

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