A lot of people want to stay longer in Vietnam to explore more our beautiful country. With the new vietnam visa regulation effective in August 2023, tourists can not have more than 90 days visa. In general, the first idea that comes up in their mind is to make a visa extension. However, it can be really difficult and expensive to apply a visa extension for tourist visa holders.
Furthermore people who overstayed their visa or want change visa category are also struggling for renew their visa.

The alternative solution that we recommend to our clients is to do a VISA RUN (Click here for register). A visa run is a solid way to renew your Vietnam visa. You can do it by plane (airport) or by bus (land border).

Since Vietnam reopened the country to the tourism in 15th of March 2022, we started to offering again the visa run service from Saigon to Moc Bai (Vietnam/Cambodia borders). We can help you to renew your visa by performing a “border run”, which requires you to leave the country before your visa expiration date and re-enter it directly.
You will go with our private mini-van (currently doing on Tuesday and Saturday), the total duration trip is around 5-7 hours. The meeting place is at the  Coffee shop located on the Rooftop of the Building located in 18/2E nguyen cuu van, you can get your coffee and breakfast there if you wish.

What do you need to bring at the day trip?

  • Your passport (must be valid at least 6 months)
  • a valid visa (overstay cases not accepted)

Documents required

  • Fees for Visa Cambodia (if any)
  • form to fill out (Cambodia)
  • Fees for Vietnam visa (if any)
  • 2 ID pictures
  • Completed and signed form (Vietnam)
  • E-visa or Original approbation visa letter (we can help you to apply for both)

Here is the itinerary

  • Trip preparation with all explanation you need

  • Meeting at 7am in 18/2E Nguyen Cuu Van, Binh Thanh District (Smart Business Hub building)

  • Departure at 7:20am

  • Drink and snacks during the outbound trip

  • Driver wait for you on site, departure from Moc Bai at 11:30am

  • Then come back to Sài Gòn around 2pm. Well done, now you can back to your home with a new visa!