Visa extension means that you will have new staying duration permission in Vietnam without leaving the country. Sometimes the extension fee is much cheaper than renewal fee.

How to apply to a visa extension? Extending Vietnam visa must be applied few days before your visa expired date. It takes 7 working days to finish as submitting your passport and requirement at Vietnam Immigration Department Office.

You will have opportunity to extend your stay in Vietnam by visa extension. Please note that visa extension belongs to your current Vietnamese visa.

In order to apply visa extension, your current visa has to meet some requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department.


It is possible to extend your Vietnam visa as long as your visa is not expired. For example if you got a 3 months tourist visa, you are able to extend it for another 15 days, 1 month or 3 months without leaving country.

Lastly you can extend your Vietnamese visa for single entry or multiple entries (maximum of 6 months depending on your case).

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You can extend

  • Visa exemption
  • Business visa
  • Family visit visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Working visa
  • Investment visa

and more…

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