A Temporary Residence Card (TRC) is for anyone wishing to reside for a limited period of time in Vietnam and also a good step to make Vietnam their permanent home later. This can be for a variety of reasons and there is no strict type of person who this visa is aimed at, but there are many strict requirements you will need to meet in order for your application to be considered.

Temporary Residence Card (TRC) is a document issued by an Immigration Authority and is valid to substitute visa (over 1 year) under the provisions of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of foreigners in Vietnam.


A TRC has many advantages. It allows you to stay in Vietnam without having to perform any visa runs or extensions of stay. It also allows some major benefits:

  • Foreigners will not have to extend their business visa or tourist visa and thus save money
  • Foreigners can reside in Vietnam for a longer period of time without leaving the country, as long as the card is valid
  • Foreigners can purchase apartments and houses
  • Foreigners can operate their businesses more easily
  • Foreigners can easily open local bank accounts
  • Foreigners can apply for a driving license
  • Foreigners can buy and register a vehicle under their name


The following people can apply for a temporary residence card in Vietnam:

  • A foreigner who has Vietnam work permit which is valid a minimum of 12 months at the time of the temporary residence card application.
  • Foreigners who are lawyers and licensed to practice in Vietnam
  • Foreigners who are owners of one-member limited liability company
  • Foreigners who are members of two-member or more limited liability company
  • Foreigners with visas with symbols LV1, LV2, LS, ĐT1, ĐT2, ĐT3, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LD1, LĐ2, TT*.
  • Foreigners who are members of international organizations, consular offices and diplomatic missions, as well as their spouses and children under 18 years old

*TT – Issued to foreigners who are spouses, children under 18 years old of foreigners issued with LV1, LV2, LS, DT1, ĐT2, ĐT3, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LD1, LD2 or Foreigners are fathers, mothers, spouses, and children of Vietnamese citizens.


  • The temporary residence cards with the symbol ĐT1 are valid for maximum 10 years.
  • The temporary residence cards with the symbols NG3, LV1, LV2, LS, ĐT2 and DH are valid for maximum 5 years
  • The temporary residence cards with symbols NN1, NN2, ĐT3 and TT are valid for maximum 3 years.
  • The temporary residence cards with symbols LĐ1, LĐ2  and PV1 are valid for maximum 2 years.

A Regular Dossier Includes

  • Completed forms for issuance of  temporary residence card for the foreigner by the guarantor
  • Original passport and a valid visa
  • Notarized copy of legal agencies, organizations or sponsor business registration
  • 2 photos (2*3cm size with white background)
  • Temporary residence declaration in the locality with the seal of the Ward Police
  • The following documents may be asked: investment certificate, business registration license, established representative office license, Branch Company (including active notices), working permit, work permit exemption etc…
  • The cases of bringing relatives: birth certificate, marriage certificate…


Processing time : From 5 to 7 working days after receipt a valid application.

Validity conditions : Temporary residence card Vietnam is valid from 1 to 10 years and is at least 01 month shorter than the duration of the passport. No temporary residence card will be granted for passport valid for less than one year.

Note : When you get your TRC lost, you must immediately notify the issuing agency. Re-issuing procedure is similar to granting a new one but processing time is 14 working days.

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