Visa on Arrival ( VOA ) is a legal document approved by the Department of Immigration. This is one of, if not, the quickest and cheapest way to get your visa for Vietnam. You just need to fill in our “Online Application Form“, get your “Visa approval letter” within 3-5 working days and pick up your visa at your destination airport (Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh city airport, Dang Nang, Nha Trang) Some of the benefits outlined in a VOA are as follows:

– Legitimate: VOA is granted and approved by the Vietnam Department of Immigration.
– Convenient: Involves an easy online application and doesn’t require you to send a passport or photos. It often doesn’t require waiting or have delays in the process.
– Cheap: Is often the lowest fee and best service afforded.
– Fast: A Visa on Arrival application can be completed within five business days. Often if there is an emergency, a Vietnam visa may be given within two to four hours.

After we obtain the approval letter for you, we will forward you a copy by email. Copies of the same document will be forwarded on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration checkpoints at International Airports only. When you arrive in Viet Nam, the Immigration officers will have those documents ready and will be able to issue your entry visa quickly.

Yes, it is! Vietnam Visa on Arrival is another way you are able to receive an authorized visa to visit Vietnam. Known for being a convenient way to obtain a visa in a short amount of time, a VOA has been mentioned in various news outlets, some of which include The New York Times, USA Today, Trip Advisor, and CNN. The New York Times stated that while a visa to visit Vietnam is required of Americans, an entry visa may start out as low as 17 dollars, depending on your length of stay or entries. VOAs are granted by the Vietnam Department of Immigration, which arranges for documents to be picked up upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports.

You can check out the Ordinance on entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam: (01) Government’s Decree No. 21/2001/ND-CP. (2) Joint Circular No. 04/2002/TTLT/BCA-BNG.

The Visa Approval Letter is a letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam allowing you to enter and exit Vietnam for a given period of time. As long as you have entered the correct information on your visa application, you should have no problems being granted entry into Vietnam with your Approval Letter.

With your Approval Letter, you can pick up your Visa on Arrival at one of three international airports in Vietnam. These international airports include:

– Hanoi
– Da Nang
– Ho Chi Minh City
– Nha Trang

At the airport, the corresponding authority will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents. As long as you make sure you input the correct details when applying, you will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter. However, it is strongly advised that you read our website and follow all the instructions carefully to avoid problems or delays at the airport.

The Approval Letter is processed and emailed to you within five (5) business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and national or international holidays). In some cases, you may be able to receive an Approval Letter within the following:

– Processed within 4 to 8 hours
– Processed within 1 business day: +$/applicant

For urgent processing on national or international holidays, please call us or contact us via email for details and assistance.

If you submit your application and pay the fee before 13.00 PM Vietnam time on a Working day (Monday-Friday), we will send you the letter of approval by 18:00 PM within the following (next) 5 working days.

Please take note that the above urgent processing times do not apply for Friday afternoons after 12 pm until Monday morning. Also, please consider the time difference between Vietnam and your application location.

Note: The visa counters at Vietnam’s international airports are open 24/7. As long as you have your Approval Letter, you will still be able to get your Vietnam visa on the weekend.

Receiving your Approval Letter is easy and convenient: a scanned file of your Approval Letter will be sent to you via email, so please be sure you have provided us with your correct email address. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the file.

Visa on Arrival is only valid for air travelers. Travelers entering Vietnam by land or by sea must visit a Vietnam Embassy to get their visa stamp. Your Approval Letter will be accepted at all Vietnam international airports:

– Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi)
– Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)
– Danang Airport (Da Nang)
– Cam Ranh Airport (Nha Trang)

There is a 15-day free visa exemption that has been extended to June 2021 for passport holders from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Travelers from these countries are allowed to travel to Vietnam without a visa for 15 days. There are also other countries that are exempt from visas for 14-90 day stays such as Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and Chile. Longer term Vietnam visas will need to be obtained through Visa on Arrival or at the local embassy.

It is fine to entry Vietnam with business visa while your real purpose is for travelling.

A scan of your passport is required for an online visa application.

Yes; a photo ID is required upon arrival in Vietnam’s airports, so please remember to bring at least two standard photos of passport size (4cm x 6cm).

Please note that if you do not have time to prepare these photos before your departure, you can have them taken at a Vietnam airport for $5 USD or less.

To apply for a visa to visit Vietnam, your passport must be valid for at least six months following you’re the entry date asked into the application. Therefore, if your passport is about to expire, please renew it before applying for a visa to Vietnam in order to avoid unwanted issues at the airport.

We would like to recommend that you should get the visa on arrival first and then book your flight. Certainly, the date of arrival must be ensured before applying for the visa.

The arrival date you provide should be the earliest you plan to arrive, but you can arrive after that date. The departure date you provide will be the last day you are permitted to be in the country unless you get a visa extension.

For example, if you apply for a one-month visa and submit your arrival date as June. 1, 2020, your Approval Letter will be valid from June. 1—July. 1, 2020. That means you are able to enter the country during that month, but must leave on July 1st.

No, it is Share visa approval letter which often is issued at high season. All of these people applied Vietnam Visa at the same time with you, therefore Immigration Department sent these Visas with you at the same paper and the same time for saving time.

There are many names of customers on only one document which is called share visa. It often is sent to foreigners when they apply for Vietnam visa in same time in high season. In contrast, private visa just only show your name (and your partners) and also this must be more expensive than share visa.

For entry Vietnam, both of private and share visa are accepted. If you do not mind having the visa approval letter which not only shows your name but also the strangers’ information, you can choose share visa. If you would like to keep your personal information in secrete, you should choose private visa so that your visa approval just includes your information.

We currently accept both Debit/Credit cards and Bank transfer for payment of our approval letter service fee. These include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. Please click here for payment guidelines.

Tips: My credit card number is correct, but it was not accepted. Why?

– The card expiration date was entered incorrectly.
– You have reached your credit limit
– There was a computer error.
– Your Visa Verified password / Master Secure Code were entered incorrectly.

Yes, visa on arrival involves two types of fees: (01) service fee for obtaining an approval letter: (02) stamping fee payable by cash at Vietnam airport.

The Stamping Fee is the fee you are required to pay at a Vietnam airport in order to get the official Vietnam visa stamped in your passport. The fee is $25 USD for a single-entry visa (1-3 months), and $50 USD for a multiple-entry visa (1-3 months) and 95 USD for 6 months multiple entries or 135 USD for 1 year multiple entries.

Remember: The Stamping Fee must be paid in cash (Vietnam dong or U.S. dollars). No credit cards are accepted.

In order to get your Vietnam Visa Stamp, you should prepare:

– Your passport
– Printed the approval letter visa
– Filled entry and exit form
– Two passport-sized photos
– Stamping fee for visa

It usually takes about 30 minutes to receive your visa stamp at the landing counter upon arrival. However, if you are arriving during holiday season with large number of arrivals, please expect a longer wait time. To save your time at Vietnam airport, It is recommended that you prepare all the required documents before you go.

Fast track service could be more comfortable as it usually takes 30 minutes to get a visa stamp at Vietnam airport. If you travel disabled, on rush, with children or are in emergency cases, you can ask this service.

No, you cannot! In order to board the plane, you must show your Approval Letter to the airline. We strongly recommend that you apply for your Vietnam visa before you leave for Vietnam in order to avoid a delay or change in your flight. No, you can not. In order to obtain your visa on arrival, you must apply online for an approval letter (pre-approved visa letter) through an agency.

Visa on Arrival works at any of Vietnam’s four international airports: Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City), Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Danang Airport (Da Nang) and Cam Ranh Airport (Nha Trang). If you change your flight to another one of these airports you shouldn’t expect any problems along the way.

Visa on arrival is currently available at International airports, therefore there is no visa counter at Phu Cat Airport (UIH – Quy Nhon) as it handles only domestic flights (flights within Vietnam).

Please be advised that visa on arrival service is good for air travel only, if you plan to enter Vietnam by land or cruise, you will need to contact the Embassy to obtain your visa in advance.

If you intend to do visa run you contact us through

In short: Visa-on-Arrival applied on the website is NOT available for entry by land and cruise ship.

After customers finish booking process via our official site, our confirmation will be sent to your contact email. Our payment request will also be sent to you later within maximum a working-hour for reviewing the information of visa application to make sure it’s always approved. If there are any issues, we shall suggest how to fix it immediately.

A single entry visa allows you enter/ exit Vietnam one time or it is also called visa with single use. Once your single entry visa used, you can not enter again Vietnam with this used visa. You must apply for the new one if you want to come back Vietnam again. For example, with 1 month single entry visa, you can enter Vietnam to stay for less than 30 days. You can not re-enter Vietnam if you exit Vietnam after 10 days staying, even your visa valid for 30days.

– Filling the form & sign.
– Glue photo 4x6cm at right top corner as the form request + 1 additional photo same size.
– Prepare 25 USD in cash for 1-3 months single entry Or prepare 50 USD for 1-3 months multiple entries Or prepare 95 USD for 6 months multiple entries or 135 USD for 1 year multiple entries.

When the expired day of your Vietnam visa comes up, please contact

Yes, you can renew your passport in Vietnam if you have your country Embassy or Consulate in Vietnam Or You must renew your passport before you have intend to get Vietnam visa at the airport.


A. General questions

Vietnam is currently launching a pilot e-Visa system for citizens from 80 countries. Please check here

An e-Visa is processed within 03 working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and full e-Visa fee.

An e-Visa is single entry and valid for a maximum of 30 days.

According to Vietnam Law, the visa expiry date must be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date. Therefore, an e-Visa expiry date must also be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date.

To check an e-Visa result, follow these steps:
Step 1: Vist the page:
Step 2: Provide the required information, including registration code, email and date of birth, to check and print your e-Visa result.

* Note:
– Registration code must be saved in order to check and print e-Visa.
– No email will be sent regarding e-Visa results.

Two options are available to answer queries:
Option 1: Check for more information on the FAQs page.
Option 2: Send your queries via the e-Visa Support page (

B. E-Visa application procedures

After entering Vietnam by e-Visa, you can request an agency/organization/individual in Vietnam to guarantee your stay and apply on your behalf for a new visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department in accordance with Section 1, Article 16 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam.

Vietnamese citizens are not allowed to guarantee a foreigner’s stay in Vietnam with e-Visa. Foreigners must apply for an e-Visa either by themselves or through a guaranteeing agency or organization in Vietnam.

Inviting or guaranteeing agencies or organizations must follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply for an account and electronic signature via Form 03 to sign in.
Step 2: Provide the required information of the foreign applicant, sign the application with the registered electronic signature and pay the e-Visa fee to complete the procedure.

You can check passengers’ e-Visa information by the following steps:

Step 1: Apply for an account via Form 03.
Step 2: Sign in with the account to check passengers’ e-Visa information.

C. Completing the e-Visa application

Two photos of the applicant must be uploaded:

-Portrait photo (4x6cm): Looking straight and without glasses.
-Passport data page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines.

Write your full name as it appears in the ICAO line of your passport data page.

Yes. You must completeall required information to be eligible to receive an e-Visa.

D. E-Visa fee and payment

The current e-Visa fee is 25USD.

Payment is made via bank account. To make a payment, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose 1 of the 4 payment methods listed on the web page.
Step 2: Provide the required information and click “Pay” to complete the procedure.

No. Payments for e-Visa applications are non-refundable.

E. Entry & exit with an e-Visa

E-Visa holders can enter and exit Vietnam through any checkpoint in 33 international checkpoints. To check more information, visit Vietnam e-Visa website.

E-Visa holders must present the printed e-Visa and valid passport at the checkpoint.

The validity period of your e-Visa begins from the date specified in your approved e-Visa document.
You can enter Vietnam on any date within this validity period.

No. You cannot enter Vietnam before or after the validity period specified in your e-Visa.

You must complete new e-Visa application. The previous e-Visa application will be cancelled once the new e-Visa is issued.

When the expired day of your Vietnam visa comes up, please contact


No, you are not allowed and you are exposed to huge problem if you decide to drive without license in Vietnam.

Yes you can get it if you are holding your home country driver license. You can get it through a conversion, you will get only the categories which appeared on your original driver license.

Yes you can use it if you are here for traveling purpose (short time), please keep with you the original driver license and the international driver permit/license (IDP).
IDL is now valid in Vietnam from August 1st 2016 with the 46/2016/ND-CP decree. However, this decree only covers countries that abide by the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic on IDPs. If you have a 1968 IDP like below, you can purchase an insurance policy that covers you for riding in Vietnam.

Yes you can get it if you are holding your home country driver license, you need go into several process, please consult our service dedicated for that. Please contact

No, your driver license must be valid for apply a Vietnamese driver license.

Yes you can get it if you are holding a valid home country driver license, you need go into several process, the full process take around 15 days and doable in the big city ( Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Da Nang). Please consult our service dedicated for that. Please contact

Yes you can get it if you are holding a valid home country car driver license, you need have a driving test and a health check and several left process, the full process take around 35 working days and doable in the big city ( Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Da Nang). Please consult our service dedicated for that. Please contact

The new Vietnamese driver license will follow the validity of your current visa and the expiration date of your original driver license (the first expiration will be considered first).

In order to apply or convert your existing driver license to a Vietnamese equivalence, you need to submit the following documents:

– copy of your passport
– copy of your visa or temporary resident card
– copy of your existing driver license, with a translated and notarized version (by a public notary)
– passport size photos
– Filled in application form

Have a question not listed here, mail us at