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Darnis Thirion is from France and works in Vietnam for 5 years and he is used to see his French family during the Têt holidays. Usually he goes back in France or they come to visit him. But now, the problem is not to go back to France, the main challenge was to re-enter Vietnam in 2021. With the pandemic, everything changed. For more than a year, he couldn’t visit them and they couldn’t come to Vietnam.

In addition, Vietnam has had a very successful way of handling this pandemic and it didn’t come without consequences; borders remained closed for tourists since March 2020 and to enter, you either must be repatriated, diplomate, expert or investor. Needless to say, this is very restrictive and Darnis wasn’t really knowledgeable about it as rules are changing almost every months. So he thought he only had to wait…

That’s when he remembered about IzyViet and he found out that we provide “Expert Entry Visa” to Vietnam. Our team was able to give him hope again that he could get a visa for Vietnam so he could go back to France and see his family and return to Vietnam without any problem.

IzyViet just invited him to its office for full explainations and was able to get started on the process almost immediately. This Expert Entry Visa service is long and hardeous, it requires the applicant to provide a lot of papers and to be very patient because laws and regulations keep changing. But IzyViet is supporting its applicants the best possible way by giving updates, assisting for all the paperwork during the process and doing its best on the back to make sure the experts or investors can cross borders without too much difficulties.

Thanks to IzyViet and its services, Darnis was able to see his family for the Têt holidays in France and return to Vietnam to work. He avoided all the hassle of handling paperwork on his own and avoided feeling lonely, missing his home and family.

With IzyViet you can obtain an  Expert Entry Visa approval letter and plan your trip back home to visit your family and come back to Vietnam right after. This video explains all Darnis journey and details more about our service. For those interested, please send us an email (support@izyviet.com) or give us a call (+84(0)867 144 015) and our team will send you a quotation.

Entering in Vietnam in 2021 is possible! Darnis relates us his own Experience!

The take aways from this video:

  1. Vietnamese borders aren’t closed entirely. You need to check with IzyViet if you can qualify for the “expert” or “investor” status.
  2. Don’t set strict deadlines for expecting results, stay flexible and patient. This process involves at least 10 different entities; IzyViet will handle the administrations in Vietnam, but you still need to deal with airlines, hotels, transportation companies, your own sponsor in Vietnam, etc. And of course, the evolution of the pandemic (mutant viruses, vaccinations, etc.). There are a lot of chances that one of these entities will change the rules and requires you to re-do some steps. Be prepared to be delayed and pay extra costs.
  3. Prepare yourself: improvising doesn’t work anymore. you cannot just arrive at the airport and book your tickets and arrive in Vietnam. Each company will have their own policies. Like Darnis, document yourself, stay informed, ask questions to the people who have the information. Be solution oriented; there is always opportunities and things between lines. People you will have on the phone operate daily, dealing with people who also want to enter Vietnam: most of these companies truly want to help. IzyViet is guiding you on the way by keeping you updated on what is the results obtained regarding Vietnamese administrations, but if you are not proactive yourself, this will not work.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction
01:00 COVID-19 UPDATE France Versus Vietnam
03:25 Introduction of IzyViet
05:20 Introduction of Darnis Thirion & Kelvin & Lux
06:15 Why Darnis needed to return to France?
07:57 Why returning to Vietnam during the pandemic?
09:15 Why using IzyViet Services?
10:00 Costs of the Expert-Entry Visa entire procedure
11:00 Darnis got his flight canceled! What happened?
12:00 Costs of the visa approval letter in January 2021
13:40 Cost of the flight tickets during COVID-19
14:10 Advice from Darnis for this paperwork procedure
15:10 How to choose your quarantine hotel properly
17:38 Cost of the hotel and the food in quarantine in Vietnam
18:40 Cost breakdown summary
19:10 IzyViet service explained and how to deal with the possible problems coming along the entire procedure of entering in Vietnam in 2021.
22:59 Flights from Vietnam to France and Layover + how different flying is in 2021 compared to before the pandemic?
26:25 Flights from France to Vietnam adventures.
28:06 Arrival in Vietnam and the hotel checkin.
28:46 The Quarantine in Saigon, how it works and how to survive?
33:45 The end of the quarantine procedure.
35:54 Conclusion and advice to succeed at this procedure of entry to Vietnam

How the Expert Entry Visa to Vietnam works at IzyViet:

  • We can help experts, students, investors to enter Vietnam. Darnis in this video was an expatriate who lives in Ho chi Minh City and wanted to come back home (to France) and return to Vietnam in February 2021. Think about your summer 2021 or if you are stuck outside of Vietnam and try to enter.
  • Contact us and explain us your situation, our team will explain you the process in details.
  • The process takes between 4-8 weeks after receiving your documents for application. The entry prices are 395 USD per applicant (depending on each case).
  • Along the process, we explain you the progress we make and give you additional information: for example we can provide an updated list of quarantine hotels.

We also made an article introducing about Expert Entry Visa in Vietnam, feel free to  check it out here!

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