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How is the new coronavirus pandemic problem in Vietnam?
Vietnam has a one of lowest number of coronavirus infections over the world in 2021. To keep it that way, the Vietnamese government implemented a number of measures, which has affected the use of tourist and business visas.
Can i get in Vietnam in 2021?

Lately, the government has allowed the Transport Ministry to reopen flights to mainland China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan from September 15 2020, followed by Laos, Cambodia from September 22 2020 (Notification No 330/TB-VPCP). Vietnam’s government, however, has allowed diplomats, officials, business experts, managers, highly skilled workers, and students to come to Vietnam provided they meet the necessary requirements.

How to get a chance to enter in Vietnam during covid19 in 2021?
Foreign employees that want to enter Vietnam should ensure they have a sponsor who can assist the employee in obtaining the necessary paperwork and communicate any changes to them.
Since the authorities have not specified any time limit for processing, employers should obtain all the necessary approvals and documents as far ahead as possible so that any delays are limited. All travelers, except for those on short term business trips, will be subject to quarantine at a centralized government facility, corporate headquarters, factory, or a designated hotel.
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What is the process to get a visa and permission for enter in Vietnam?
Here are some of the important steps that employers must to undertake for before the arrival of their foreign employees:
A- The company employer is required to submit a letter to the local provincial people’s committee with specific details about the employee himself and his position in the company.
The local provincial people’s committee will make a decision.
B- If the application is approved, the employer would also need to submit a letter and necessary documents to the immigration department including the local provincial people’s committee approval letter
C- Foreign workers will also have to test for COVID-19, at maximum 72 hours before entering Vietnam, using the real-time PCR technique. The tests must be done at testing centers approved by their government or at test centers approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)
D- All incoming travelers, including Vietnamese nationals, will be required to pay for quarantine (14 days). The quarantine could be done at a centralized government facility or a designated hotel (we can provide approved hotels official list from government including Le Meridian Saigon, Holiday Inn, IBIS Saigon,…)
E- Foreign workers should have international health insurance, or their sponsor will be required to pay for treatment in case they are infected with COVID-19.
Processing time:
It will take around 30-45 days after submission of all necessary documents to the right vietnamese administration.
Ports of entry:
➡️ Tan Son Nhat ( Ho Chi Minh City Airport)
➡️ Noi Bai ( Ha Noi Airport)
➡️ Moc Bai ( Cambodia-Vietnam Border)
➡️ Lang Son ( China-Vietnam Border)
Last Update: Quarantine measures waived for short business trips
On August 31 2020, the Ministry of Health issued Official Dispatch No 4674/BYT-MT waiving the mandatory 14-day quarantine for foreign experts, investors, managers, and diplomats if they enter in Vietnam for less than 14 days. If after 14 days they wish to stay in Vietnam, they can do so without quarantining, by providing negative test for the virus.
In addition, as per Notification No 330/TB-VPCP, foreign experts entering via the aforementioned six international air routes may be subject to a shorter quarantine period of five days, provided they test negative twice after entering Vietnam and in accordance with local health authorities. Following the five days, they will be required to self-quarantine at home or at corporate headquarters.
Besides, with several countries easing travel restrictions, please note regulations are likely to change quickly.

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