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As we are facing Coronavirus Lockdown in Vietnam, it is getting pretty difficult to get our daily supplies on time. Due to the lockdown, we are restricted to go out & shop but there are several websites that can deliver these items on our doorsteps.

Quarantined? These Food Delivery websites in Vietnam during lockdown are allowed by the administration to deliver grocery, food & milk. It is recommended to use the home delivery system as it will help you to maintain the social distancing & reduce the chances of getting or spreading the coronavirus.

1- Organicfood.vn, a wide variety of organic food online

Organicfood.vn has 3 physical stores in Vietnam frequented by health enthusiasts looking for nourishment. Its new website offers organic products such as Daioni Organic milk, Fleur Alpine Organic cereals, and Georgia’s Natural drinks, and its gigantic product line ranges from meat to fruits to organic cosmetics.

2- Now Fresh – over 1,000 items restocked daily, with up to 50% off

Some shoppers shun supermarkets for smaller local grocery shops, while others like to keep their options open and shop at both – depending on who’s offering the better discounts at the time. Now Fresh partners over 39,000 local grocery shops and larger supermarkets across Ho Chi Minh City so you can shop at multiple stores and consolidate your shipping on just one website.

3- Chopp.vn, free shipping for many items, welcome gifts for first-time shoppers

Chopp.vn site features a plethora of fresh produce, wine, craft beers, and cooking ingredients from over 100 renowned grocery stores such as An Nam gourmet, Aeon Mall, Lotte Mart, Cho Pho fresh food, and Farm Hill.

4- VinMart, earn and redeem your shopping points here

VinMart is a familiar store in many Vietnamese cities, and you can expect the same products from your local store on its online one. From vegetables, and seafood to meat and dry food, you can search and compare different products and prices just like you do in store. Although the site is only in Vietnamese, regular store shoppers should be able to recognize your usual buys from the pictures.

5- Bách hóa XANH – flat VND 15,000 shipping fee for all purchases regardless of weight

Bách hóa XANH carries over 600 online products that are restocked daily, including meat, cooking ingredients, canned foods, beverages, and homeware. The only item it doesn’t have for now are fresh vegetables.


We hope that these websites will help you get the essentials conveniently on time right at your home. However, we request you to also buy from local businesses & outlets. It will help them to survive this difficult phase.

Buying local not only helps the business owner but a lot of persons connected through it like suppliers, farmers, small factories, daily wage earners, startups. These people are in direct need of continuous business to stay afloat. The plus point for you is that these suppliers are your trusted people. You can rely on them for quality & timely deliveries.

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