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Phu Quoc is a charming destination in Vietnam well-known for its beautiful sandy beaches. This island, which is the largest in Vietnam, is part of an archipelago of 22 isles located in the Gulf of Thailand. In recent years, Phu Quoc Island has been implemented many infrastructure plans to develop resort tourism an eco-tourism. All these projects paid off as the number of visitors keeps increasing each year. If you are looking for quietness and serenity, you should visit Phu Quoc ASAP, before it starts to get too crowded! To help you, here are 5 Useful Tips to prepare your trip to Phu Quoc.

1) What is the best time to go to Phu Quoc?

The weather is hot all year long in Phu Quoc. However, there are 2 distinct seasons: the dry one and the rainy one.
The dry season lasts from November to April. The temperatures are between 25°C to 30°C. It is the best time to travel to Phu Quoc Island because the waves are quiet, and you can enjoy sunny and blue skies practically every day.

In general, the rainy season in Phu Quoc starts from the beginning of May and ends in October. Some people may prefer to visit the island when the temperatures are milder. However, there are a lot of heavy rain showers especially in October, so you should really avoid going there at this period.

phu quoc - thom beach

2) How to travel to Phu Quoc? 

There are two main ways to travel to Phu Quoc.

  • By flight

The most common way is by flight. The new Phu Quoc International Airport was opened in 2012. Both domestic and international flights are operating every day. To go to Phu Quoc, it takes less than 1 hour by flight from Ho Chi Minh City, and 2 hours from Hanoi. There are also direct flights from Thailand, South Korea, and Malaysia for example.
If you plan to travel to Phu Quoc from HCM, you can easily find cheap flights starting at $25 USD for one way.
To book your flight tickets, we recommend you use Skyscanner or Traveloka.

  • By ferry

Another way to travel to Phu Quoc Island is by ferry. It takes more time, but it is cheaper. You can take a fast boat from Ha Tien harbor (1½ hours) or Rach Gia harbor (2½ hours). The boat will stop at Phu Quoc’s Bai Vong Ferry Terminal, located on the east coast.
To book your ferry tickets, we recommend you use Baolau or 12go.asia.

3) Accommodation: Where to stay?

Actually, the choice of your accommodation depends on what you are looking for, your budget, the activities you want to do. As we said at the beginning, the island has been developing resort tourism and eco-tourism. So, you can find a lot of hotels, resorts, and bungalows.

If you want to book a room in a beachfront resort, it’s going to be more expensive. The price starts at ~ $60 USD per night for a room for 2 in a 4-star beachfront resort.
Many visitors chose to stay in the main city, Duong Duong (T.T. Dương Đông), where you can find the night supermarket, temples, and a lot of local shops, restaurants, and bars. Duong Duong is also close to the airport, Long Beach and Ong Lang Beach, which is quite convenient for those who have limited time but still want to enjoy many attractions as possible!

If you are looking for more tranquility, we recommend staying on the North West or East coast of the island. These areas are less touristic, so the beaches are not crowded!
Here are some examples:

To book your hotel, we recommend you use Booking, Agoda, or Traveloka.

4) Transportation: how to get around?

Please note there is no Grab or Go Viet in Phu Quoc. If you want to explore many parts of the island, the easiest and cheapest way to visit the island is to rent a motorbike. Nowadays, all hotels and resorts offer motorbike rentals. The average price to rent a motorbike is 150,000 VND per day (~ $6 USD), and it is really cheap to fill up your gas tank.

Many taxis are also available to get around the island. You can directly ask your hotel to order one for you. The kilometer price is around 15,000 to 18,000 VND. Make sure there is a meter inside the taxi.
Hotels also offer bicycle rentals. Some of them do it for free. However, it is only a convenient option for short trips inside the main town.

5) Money

As you might know, the most common payment method in Vietnam is cash. It is still the same in Phu Quoc. You will need to get cash for all your activities and food. Even some hotels still only accept cash, so don’t hesitate to contact them before you arrive to check the payment methods available.

If you need to exchange your money, it’s better to do it before you arrive. You can still find ATMs to withdraw money on the island.

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