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Nowadays, people in Vietnam and all around the world don’t only use their smartphone for making a call or sending a text. Indeed, technology has many benefits that make our daily life easier and even funnier. The number of mobile app developers keeps increasing until today to answer to users’ needs and expectations. However, users’ needs and expectations aren’t the same everywhere. To help you during your stay here, we make you a list of 7 Must-Have Apps to use in Vietnam!

1) Grab

If you have never been to Southeast Asia, you have probably never used it. However, maybe you already heard about it because Grab is often considered as the equivalent of Uber in Southeast Asia.
Grab offers 3 main services for transportation, food delivery, and payment solutions. It is the most popular app in Vietnam for these services. Both locals and also foreigners are using it. The app is available in English and all foreigner cards are in general accepted.

– You can easily and quickly order a taxi (car or bike).

– If you are hungry, you can also order food. There is a huge variety of foods such as Vietnamese cuisine, Rice, Western cuisine, Noodles Dishes, Coffee/Tea, Burger… So, there is something to suit all tastes!

– The app also developed a service called “GrabExpress” that allows you to send a delivery as soon as possible!

– Three payment solutions are available: by cash, by card (VISA / Mastercard / JCB / Amex / ATM are supported), or by activating your Moca Wallet. Moca Wallet can be an interesting option if you plan to live in Vietnam for a long time, you can click here to get further information about it.

Grab is also available in 7 other Southeast Asian countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. So if you plan to visit another country not far away from Vietnam, you should keep this app on your phone!

Grab is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

2) GoViet

Grab is not the only app that offers transportation, food delivery, and package delivery. Another famous alternative is GoViet, an app founded by Vietnamese.
There is no huge difference between the two apps. The app is also translated into English and offers many options for food. However, GoViet tends to offer a cheaper price for taxi fees and better promotions for food.
Please note that only payment cash is possible.

GoViet is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

3) Be

Be is another alternative to Grab or Go Viet. However, this app only focuses on transportation service (car or taxi). An English version is also available. You can pay by cash or by card (only VISA and MasterCard are supported now). In general, taxi fares with Be are less expensive than the ones with Grab or Go Viet, but there are fewer drivers available. Therefore, it is better to not be in a rush if you want to order a taxi with Be.

Be is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

4) Foody

Foody is an app that offers food services. It is the most famous food app in Vietnam.
– Discovery: Are you looking for the best addresses in town? Foody can help you to pick up a restaurant or a coffee shop so easily thanks to the overall score, the distance and the community that shares their food experience.

– Delivery: If you are too busy, too tired, or too lazy to cook something or to go out, Foody also offers food delivery service. It looks like GrabFood or GoFood, but there are more options and more promotions available! Enjoy many free deliveries!

– Reservation: If you want to go to restaurant and avoid long lines, or take your family or group of friends with you, or even celebrate a birthday or another occasion, you should also use Foody. This app offers the most convenient way to book a reservation for many restaurants. Foody can even recommend if this place is suitable for a birthday.

Foody is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

5) Maps.me

Maps.me is another better option than Google Maps! This app provides fast, reliable, detailed, and offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation all around the world including Vietnam. And everything included in this app is free! Today, over 100 million travelers worldwide are using it.

Maps.me will give you the best itinerary so you can navigate easily by drive, by cycle, or by walk anywhere. The app also has travel content creator partners who build and upload travel guides for many destinations worldwide! There are so many choices tailored for everyone! If you are looking for any places such as restaurants, groceries or ATM, just use this app!
The “Bookmarks” option is perfect to remember the best locations that you have been, and you can even share them with your friends!

Maps.me is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

6) Google Translate

Google Translate is already popular, but it is always good to get the memo! In Vietnam, if you are staying around the tourist spots, you can still talk in English. However, people in the local area only speak Vietnamese in general. So, if you have some communication troubles here, we suggest you download Google Translate, and also to download the Vietnamese language for offline usage!

Google Translate is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

7) Facebook

All expats and travelers in Vietnam are using Facebook, even Vietnamese people! You can find them on many Facebook groups. Click here to join our group that connects travelers and expats currently in Vietnam! People are really reactive and often share some tips about travel or life in Vietnam! The communities are always ready to answer to your question, and they also share events in town! So, joining a group on Facebook can also be a great idea to meet people and make new friends!

Facebook is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

We hope all these apps will simplify your stay in Vietnam! Feel free to comment on your other must-have apps to use in Vietnam!

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