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According Travel + Leisure travel magazine, Hoi An city is becoming one of the most wonderful city in the world in 2019 . This is the 24th time this award has been held.

Earlier, Hoi An excellently surpassed San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) – the place that held “the throne” for 2 consecutive years – and pushed this city to the second position. In addition, Hoi An also beat a number of other leading names in the world such as Chiang Mai (Thailand), Tokyo (Japan), Florence (Italy), … With an increase of 8 grades on the ranking compared to 2018 , Hoi An showed the new position of the city on the world travel map.

“Brands and landmarks all over the world – from Peru to Japan, from India to Italy, even in the US – are recognized by our readers for bringing great travel experiences. I congratulate the cities on the list this year who have devoted themselves to the top of the world’s most wonderful cities, “said the editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure magazine Jacqui Gifford.

When the fans are still not happy with the title that has just been achieved, The city has been listed as one of best city to visit according the famous magazine Insider.. On the last 16/7, Hoi An’s image appeared proudly on the homepage of Google Vietnam, with colorful lanterns, Cau pagoda familiar and yellow houses full of loved ones.

Bellow some pictures show that Hoi An deserves to be on top the ranking of the best cities in the world.

Much of the colorful old town is preserved relatively intact over time.

Hoi An is a pedestrian-friendly city, rated as one of the safest places for visitors.



Here in Hoi An, the streets of the Ancient Town are lined with shops and cafes all painted in cheerful shades of yellow. Multi-colored lanterns sway in the breeze over every shopfront and every street.

Instead of motorcycles which dominate the roads outside the Ancient Town, here you’re more likely to find people lazily peddling along on bicycles or simply walking from place to place. Add in the sporadic appearance of a number of ancient temples, pagodas, and old homes full of character, and you have yourself a place you could easily spend days wandering around in and taking photos.


Of the two beaches in Hoi An, An Bang Beach is likely where you’ll most enjoy filling up your Vitamin D reserves and playing in the waves.

A pretty stretch of sand with a view of the mountains, An Bang Beach is wonderfully quiet and uncrowded. No loud music bumping out of bars, very few touts making the rounds, and a coastline you can walk without tripping over sunbathers every step of the way – this was definitely the most peaceful beach we’ve visited in Southeast Asia so far.


Even if you have no intention of shopping, you can’t miss the Night Market in Hoi An. Located across the river in An Hoi, the lanterns are the star of the show here. Hanging overhead by the thousands and displayed in shops for sale, their colorful glow creates a delightful ambiance as you wander through the shops selling everything from silk products to tasty banh mi sandwiches.

Just like at the Central Market, bargaining is the name of the game here, so if you’re shopping and not just wandering through in awe of the glowing lanterns, be prepared to haggle for a decent price. I usually offer under half of whatever the original price was and work up from there until I hit my maximum. If you find someone who is unwilling to budge, just move on. There are plenty of vendors and many are offering the exact same products for sale.

The Night Market is open every day from 5pm until 11pm, but be sure to time your visit sometime after the sun has gone down to see the lanterns illuminated. Definitely take a walk along the Thu Bon River on this side of the city as well. There are lots of great restaurants to check out if you didn’t fill up on street food at the market.


One of favorite things the tourists always want to do in Hoi An is wake up early one morning and take a leisurely bike ride through the rice fields, the Ancient Town, and along the river while the rest of the city was just beginning to wake up.

Your hotel will likely offer bicycle rentals on a first come first served basis, but if they don’t, bicycles can be rented for as little as $1 USD for the entire day from cycle hire businesses in the Ancient Town.

If you’re not completely confident in your bike-riding skills, try to stay off the main roads outside of the Ancient Town. Traffic moves fast and typical rules of the road don’t necessarily apply here.


There are many delicious food in Hoi An. In which visitors to Hoi An should try traditional dishes, local specialties such as bread, beef noodle, Mỳ Quảng, Cao Lau … These are dishes that are rustic, delicious and strange for tourists. Visitors can find these dishes around the old town and in the inner city.

You won’t have any trouble finding places to eat either. Hoi An is somewhat of a foodie destination in Vietnam, so the amount of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants in the Ancient Town is almost equal to that of tailors and souvenir shops, which is to say there are plenty. For a few suggestions on where and what to eat, check out the post linked below.


In Hoi An, you have the choice of staying in the Ancient Town, in a resort by the beach, or out in the countryside, and whichever location you pick should really come down to what you plan to spend the majority of your days doing.

If you have limited time in the city, I recommend staying within walking distance of the center of town so you can maximize the time you have in Hoi An seeing the sights and trying all the foods.

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