Who are we ?

Founded in early 2019, with a combination of locals and foreigners, the co-founders of IzyViet are knowledgeable about culture, beliefs, economics and politics in Vietnam.
IzyViet is a service service company which the main goal is to guide everyone interested in Vietnam. We provide mainly administratives and consulting services related to business & socials operations in Vietnam.

Co-Founder, CEO and communication management


Ms. TRAN, journalist, master of linguistics from Hanoi University. She has been working in the newspaper industry in Vietnam for 10 years and had the opportunity to travel across the S-shaped strip of land, with many various experiences and programs.
Ms. TRAN also had many practical and complementary activities to introduce Vietnamese culture to countries around the world, through series of events with the Consulate General of many countries around the world such as English, French, Australian, American, Thai, Korean …
Today she is the co-founder, CEO and communication director of Izyviet.

  • Business trip in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Business trip in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Forbes Talk Show in Ho-chi-Minh City
Co-Founder and Operation Management


Mr AYAD, a French young entrepreneur, has a passion for travelling. He himself has traveled and explored many countries around the world. With travel experience of more than 40 countries in the world, He came by chance to Vietnam such a wonderful destiny for him. So after more than 3 years of living and studying in Vietnam, he decided to invest himself in Vietnam with help of locals people. He would like to share his knowledge and experience with all international friends and tourists interested in Vietnam. Today he is co-founder and the general operation director of Izyviet.

  • Business trip in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Business trip in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Forbes Talk Show in Ho-chi-Minh City
Sales and Marketing management in Europe division


Mr AGAL, a French young creative talent, has a passion for art and marketing. He soon discovered cinema and comedy through the realization of short movies with friends. From 2014 he learned the craft of comedy by accumulating different experiences for television and cinema. In 2016, the director Bania Medjbar choose him for the first role in the feature film: Le crime des anges. The same year, he played in the feature film: L’atelier directed by Laurent Cantet, movie selected in Cannes Festival in 2017. In parallel with his work of actor, Youcef develops a business ability and mind. In 2019, Youcef went to Japan and Vietnam wherein he discovered a land plenty of opportunities: he did not hesitate to join IzyViet project. Today he is the leader of Sales and Marketing management in Europe division.

Sales and Marketing management in Asia division


Ms. LYNA, another French young talent, has a passion for asian culture. She early got graduated in business field in Paris. Later she got a diploma about Japan language and culture. It was an opportunity for her to live in Japan during 3 years. She is a big language lover , she can speak fluently French, Arab, English, spanish and Japanese. Lyna is in charge to promote our services in asian countries especially in Japan which is one of the big investor in Vietnam.
Today she is the leader of Sales and Marketing management in Asia division.

Digital Marketing consultant


Ms. RAZAFINDRAKOTO, another French young creative talent, is specialized in marketing and digital business. With her three years of experience, she has already had the opportunity to work with start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and international groups from different industries (Retail, E-commerce, Beauty Tech, HRTech…). Passionate by traveling, photography, and Asian culture, Cynthia decided to stay in Korea for 5 months in 2019 and enjoyed this time to also visit Japan and the Philippines. She noticed that Asian countries are full of opportunities for business, but she was especially surprised by the fast growth of the Internet economy in Vietnam in recent years. Therefore, she leaped at the chance and moved to Vietnam. Today, she is the Digital Marketing Consultant of IzyViet.

Business consultant


Mr HERPIN has been pursuing an MBA in Global Business at CFVG Ho Chi Minh on double degree with his French Business school in Strasbourg. He expects to be graduated at the end of 2020. Before coming in Izyviet, he used to work in analytics for the retail industry. He likes to write about economic topics in Vietnam, as it is a way for him to search for new surveys, rankings and studies that he doesn’t know yet. He had his first contact with Vietnam thanks tohis grandfather that was born in Saigon.
He finally got there for the first time in 2019 as a student in CFVG and was amazed by the dynamism of the city. He then decided to join Izyviet and has been enjoying getting more into Vietnam in his role as a Consultant ever since.

Corporate Services advisor


Mr. Khai Dao is working for IzyViet as a Corporate Services Counselor. He graduated from college in 2016 after majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and for the last 3 years has applied his efforts in business-related fields gaining skills and knowledge in virtual fields specializing in Real Estate, Human Resources, Public Relations, and Hospitality. He’s specially tuned into the local business marketplace in sales & marketing and consulting He is in charge of advising our clients who wish to increase establishment or enterprises and set up start-ups in many different industries in Vietnam. His slogan is ‘I am here for you when you need me’.


IzyViet’s name is the creative writing of “EASY VIETNAM”. In particular, we would like to introduce the way of life to the foreigners easily. On some way share to you that visiting or living in Vietnam is “easy”.

Turn your visitors’ concerns into simple things with IzyViet.

Our Services

  • Tourists (VISA application & extension)
  • Expats (Work Permit, TRC, Driver License, official document translation,…)
  • Companies (Corporate Services)